Welcome to Akane Takayama’s new website

After having spent two years in development, as Takayama started to install her DOGs her vision was revealed.

Welcome to Akane Takayama’s new website. In preparation for the DOGTokyo2017 installation in Ueno Park, Tokyo this coming November, the team at PebbleStudioLondon has built this new website for Akane Takayama. The new site works on the principle of being first and foremost a gallery for the work of the artist. You will see this from the home page for akane.co.uk is actually the gallery page.

The thinking behind this structuring is that what people really want is to simply look at the work of the artist and in general, they are less interested in text. Consequently, the site looks to provide simple and easy access to Takayama’s body of work especially for users of smartphones. This last point has been a crucial strategy goal as more than 60% of website visitors view on smartphone-type devices. Such visitors really want to tap and flip their way through content with the minimum fuss or bother.

As the primary work of 2017 will be DOGTokyo2017, an award-winning contemporary public art sculpture, due for installation in November 2017 the need for the site to be smartphone friendly was also more prescient. This international sculpture is being presented to the public in a park and the bulk of the audience will be looking at the work and photographing it with smartphones. As the intention of the work is for the audience to post the sculpture up to a global digital gallery, then this compliance with use and need of smartphones was an essential component of PebbleStudioLondon’s website delivery plan.

So, Welcome to Akane Takayama’s new website and we hope that you enjoy it.