Japanese Artist Akane Takayama will be exhibiting her next art installation project #DOGTokyo2017 on 18th & 19th November 2017 at Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan. This exciting project is advertised on the ITSCOM television Channel in Tokyo and has won a prestigious award from the Asahi Shimbun Foundation. DOGTokyo2017 is supported by the following:


#DOGTokyo2017 - 18 & 19 November at Ueno Park, Tokyo 上野公園 東京








DOGTokyo2017 is the second in the series of DOG installations. The first, highly successful, installation was in London in 2010.

The sculpture itself is a simple work which carries complex questions. In its essence, it is an assembly of large numbers of cardboard dog sculptures in a public space. The primary aim of the artist is to question how we consumers place value on what we see and desire. the DOGs themselves are made of cheap, Insubstantial materials mostly used in packaging and of no intrinsic value whatsoever. In the observation, the only value we can place on these sculptures is the one we impose on it ourselves. In London in 2010, when, at the end of the installation, Takayama gave the DOGs away freely to whoever wanted them, there was almost a frenzy to get one. people queued up, people implored to be given one, some who were disappointed even became emotional. Now the story transfers to another culture, to another consumer space and we will be able to observe any differences in response.