DOGTokyo2017: The construction of the DOG sculptures for the November 2017 installation has now been completed. Akane Takayama and her team in Tokyo have been creating the sculptures and the transport crates over the last two months. The work has been intense. Whilst it may seem a simple proposition to build over 200 DOGs made from cardboard and paper, nothing is ever as simple as Takayama makes it look on the day.

The design of the transport crates alone is an ingenious development from the original model used in DOGLondon2010. Takayama re-engineered the design so that each crate could take 18 DOGs. The crucial element of the design was that the sculptures should not be damaged in any way from their original construction state. When you consider their papery skins should not have so much as a wrinkle or small dimple or Takayama would reject them as imperfect, then the feat of creating the transport crates alone is quite amazing.