DOG surfing hedge in small English village. DOGTokyo2017 took time out from a busy schedule to do a bit of hedge surfing. This is a great pastime for the DOGs, they love it. Life has been so busy for everyone in the team that we all need to take a break and get our breath back. At Takayama’s studio in Welham Green, the team work relentlessly to produce not just DOG but other works as well. So a bit of DOG surfing hedge provides some light entertainment for everyone.

In the village people are now familiar with DOG surfing hedge. They pass by and laugh or just smile. As for other dogs in the village, they are often out walking their humans when they come across the hedge surfer. These dogs are always interested in what DOG is up to and love nothing more than having a good sniff and bark with DOG.

Takayama herself is now very pleased with her new web site which went live this last week. The site has been designed to work well on your smartphones. As the DOGTokyo2017 sculpture will be in the park at Ueno, Tokyo, most people there will be using their smartphones. Therefore Takayama’s management team decided that a truly mobile friendly site was needed and this is it!

The work on DOGTokyo2017 is all complete and over 200 DOG sculptures are crated up and ready to go. The crates themselves were designed by Takayama and their main feature is that they protect the DOG sculptures from damage prior to installation. Another great feature is that the crates containing 18 DOGs weigh less than 3 kilos so they are very easy to carry and move to the site. A 3-ton lorry will come and pick up the 12 crates of DOGs and take them to the installation site. Once there the team will set about placing the DOGs, to Takayama’s specific instructions, and arranging them securely.